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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feeding the Freezer

My Goodness how time flies when you're having fun! I didn't realize I haven't blogged since Brett got home! Darren comes home from college this weekend... which leads to my urge to "Feed the Freezer". lol This summer I will have 8 people at home... 3 of those fairly hungry boys ages 12-21. We also have Audra, her husband and daughter here on a regular basis to eat. I need to get organized.... it's going to be sink or swim in feeding this crowd the next 3 months! (and I really DO LOVE having them all here, it's just been a while since I've had everyone around)

Things I'd like in my freezer:

bread dough - loaves and rolls
pie crust
cookie dough (in logs rather than balls so snitching a few raw won't be so easy lol )
quick breads
quick breakfast foods (biscuit dough, frozen hashbrowns, etc.)

I don't buy pre-made items for this. I'm cooking from scratch. So far I have:

4 rolls of chocolate chip cookie dough
2 loaves of bread dough
1 loaf of lemon poppyseed bread
2 trays of shredded potatoes for hashbrowns

I'm going to double or triple the meals I make the next week or two and feed the extra to the freezer.

I still need to hunt down some good lunch snacks and dishes - I plan on packing lunches for the two older boys all summer. Last year ds18 ate 3 sandwiches and several side items every day. Hungry boy. If you have suggestions please let me know!

I'm off to bag my hashbrowns!